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Wood and Stone

L'Antic Colonial

Nature’s way of conquering your home

At L’Antic Colonial we believe in the force of nature as inspiration for any space. Materials such as wood adapt to rooms to create rustic and harmonious settings, but it isn’t the only material of a natural origin to set trends in interior design. Stone, a fine material with its own personality, can also permeate your surroundings and together they make a wonderful combination.

Contrasting sensations

Wood is warm. Stone is cold. Together these two natural elements achieve perfect harmony. In contrast with the rusticity of wood, stone gives a colder feeling, with eclectic characteristics verging on the minimalist, whether it be through traditional materials such as marble, or with other types of stone such as limestone or quartz, natural stone lends itself to all types surroundings, lighting up any room.

Combinations with their own personality

There are more and more interior design enthusiasts daring enough to use this new trend of bringing together stone and wood, a common mix in bathroom and kitchen furniture, but which can be extended to the rest of the house. Bedrooms or living rooms also have the potential to unite these elements, which complement each other to create remarkable spaces which bring out the best in these materials.

Both elements can be found in an infinite number of colours, textures and finishes, which increase their decorative possibilities even more. The classic cold white of stone can be substituted for mosaics of different colours made from this material as lining for walls. Combined with natural wooden flooring, which can keep the classic grooves and blemishes of the natural wood or be polished to get the perfect finsh, it forms a daring but perfectly harmonious mix.

Play with nature. Adapt it to your whim. Let yourself be seduced by it and explore the endless possibilities it offers. Natural wood is not the only element in our surroundings, discover them and combine them all.

Wood and Stone

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