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Linkfloor Wall Contract

L'Antico Colonial

Sophistication and elegance for the bedroom

Constant innovation keeps us going. Here at L’Antic Colonial we continually come up with new materials to satisfy the desire to carry on creating pure elements for interior design. With this in mind, we came up with the exclusive Linkfloor from L’Antic Colonial, a component with infinite applications in the decoration and design of interiors.

Linkfloor is a material which captivates anyone who sees it. Depending on the chosen format, it can be used as much for lining walls as for flooring. With Linkfloor Wall Contract, L’Antic Colonial introduces a new application far from its original use. The design, in addition to being used for lining walls, can also be used as a headboard, thanks to its easy handling and adaptability. A new way of breathing life into your bedroom which adds to the previous properties of Linkfloor.

By using Linkfloor Wall Contract for headboards, L’Antic Colonial has revolutionised the idea of headboards by finding a way to redesign and modernise bedrooms by creating trendy spaces with their own vitality. Its vinyl fabric with plaited texture simulates a textile which rejuvenates and smartens up rooms, creating a warmer feel for an element which is so common in bedrooms and leaving behind the traditional wooden headboards.

Furthermore, the ease with which Linkfloor can be used is made obvious with Wall Contract, which has a thickness of only 0.16 cm, making it easy to fit using paste. As with all materials from L’Antic Colonial, maximum durability is guaranteed as well as it being easy to maintain and clean.

With its sober colours and dark tones, Linkfloor can be adapted to any kind of bedroom and character, giving headboards a touch of class. The collection contains a total of 10 designs to choose from: Iron, Graphite, Steel, Diamond, Titanium, Zinc, Gravel, Clay, Sand and Cotton. All of them of a different nature to fit different personalities.

Linkfloor Wall Contract

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