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L'Antic Colonial

Secure stock to clad frontages

L’Antic Colonial continues to work with natural stone and in this case it is slate. But this time in a unique, exclusive and innovative format. This natural element is worked in thin sheets thereby providing peerless conditions when used to cover areas. For this reason, Airslate is the ideal choice when refurbishing places and covering large expanses in a short space of time because of it being lightweight, flexible, a good size, and easy to install.

All these qualities are present in its large format (240x120cm and 120x60cm) of long, thin sheets which vary between 2 and 4 mm. For this reason, the characteristics of this light and flexible material allow its installation in places which are curved to a radius of up to 35cm. This flexible quality means that a material which is so base and hard like natural stone can be moulded to cover curved or irregular areas without any difficulty.

In addition to this, there are other peculiarites which favour the use of this material in large areas such as the fronting of buildings, houses or commercial premises; places where the installation of Airslate is an excellent option as it is easy to cut with a simple radial saw. It is the perfect material to clad façades mainly thanks to its light weight and minimal space occupancy, making it practical to transport, easy to install and avoids the generation of a huge amount of debris.

In this case, this fine slate is available in different colours from dark, sober tones to others which are lighter and warmer, and the 8 products in this collection give a wide range of possibilities to the user: Bombay, Delhi, Kathmandu, Forest, Kashmir, Metal Graphite and Patna.


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