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Lapitec chooses the three projects resulting from a partnership with the Verona Academy of Fine Arts and Ferrara University’s faculty of Architecture

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Lapitec chooses three projects resulting

Taboo, Onda and Quinto Elemento are the names of the three projects done by university students who were given the possibility to get to know Lapitec in depth during the academic year. They are three creative interpretations of the full body sintered stone’s potential, applied to the worlds of design, furnishing and urban design.

Taboo is a concept - developed by the students of the Verona Academy of Fine Arts - that stimulates reflection on modern lifestyles, made of increasingly connected days, full of professional and personal commitments and in which the desk is often the hub of our activities. The students of Verona, therefore, thought of tabletop objects with a hexagonal profile that can be used as smartphone stands and cup holders. Lapitec’s extreme workability has allowed very fine carvings to be made, enhancing the object’s function and bringing out the material’s beauty.

For Onda, on the other hand, the students of Ferrara have looked to the East, namely to Japan, in search of a creative synergy between the Japanese artistic tradition and the ancient skill of working with Carrara marble. This approach gave birth to a table that revolutionises the concept of the plane, as it breaks up the top’s linearity, creating sinuous waves. The effect creates an impact because it combines dynamism and aesthetic purity, formal simplicity and structural complexity.

Finally, Quinto Elemento is an outdoor application of Lapitec, also conceived by future architects studying in Ferrara. It is a structure that can accommodate flowerpots, but which can also serve as outdoor furnishing. The sintered stone slabs are modular and fit together in a comb structure. When combined with all the others, the shape of each slab creates a wall with a soft form and a very suggestive natural and “alive” effect.

“The work carried out together with the University”, comments Gino Sartor, Lapitec’s marketing manager, “was very stimulating because it allowed the students to get to know an innovative material and to take on the processes of creating a prototype. In fact, today it is increasingly essential for an architect or designer to have a clear idea of the material's potential and distinctive features. For our part, it was a time of great creative enrichment that has certainly become a part of the company’s professional wealth.”



Quinto Elemento

Quinto Elemento

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