NEW: "TANGRAM", the extra touch in kitchen furnishings

Lithos Design

16 new colour palettes for the Tangram model

Lithos Design has further enhanced the value of Opus, the revolutionary collection of industrial design inlays: the company has explored the possibilities afforded by the Tangram model by introducing 16 new fine colour palettes for marble floors and wall coverings, made using an innovative production technique devised to ensure considerable economies of scale and speedy deliveries.

New and harmonious blends of colours are mixed with a highly geometric language in keeping with the latest trends to confirm a precious, unique and scenic vocation that characterises the entire Opus collection.

Tangram model, Chantilly palette.

Soft despite its geometric shape, gentle yet scenic, the Tangram Chantilly model covers the floor and certain vertical details. Its fresh appeal distinguishes the entire kitchen in a wise balance between vintage mood and contemporary ambiance. The sophisticated sobriety of the palette's hues envelops and enhances the elegance of the kitchen, creating a natural connection with the other rooms and a unique, ever-lasting atmosphere.





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