Litokol at Maison & Objet 2017

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Litokol is participating at Maison & Objet 2017 presenting Spaziocontinuo, the new Italian brand which reflects current home design trends favouring continuous surfaces

From the 20th to the 24th January, Litokol, together with other Italian companies will exhibit at the Maison & Objet 2017 exhibition under the banner of the Ceramics of Italy initiative, in partnership with ICE.

Litokol is an Italian company specialised in the production of adhesives, mortars and materials for construction and interior decoration. This year Litokol presents a new collection of decorative resins called Spaziocontinuo and debuts in the continuous paving market.

Continuous surfaces are a current trend in interior design which constantly searches for ever increasingly minimal spaces, free from interruptions and customisable. Following these design indications, the resin is a perfect solution for creating surfaces without any joints, and tile manufacturers have in fact also followed this trend, creating increasingly larger tiles.

In tune with contemporary living, Spaziocontinuo is the new brand by Litokol which, thanks to the knowledge the Company has gained during the course of its nearly fifty years of activity, offers a wide range of opportunities for covering the floors and walls of homes, offices and shops.

Among the main advantages for the end user, we find: wear resistance, minimum thickness which makes it possible to renew rooms avoiding costly and radical interventions, in addition to reduced maintenance. Its thickness is only 2 mm for overlapping applications, thus the resin coated surface is uniform, homogeneous and without any joints. The resin is water-repellent, suitable for under floor heating systems and it allows endless customisations thanks to the more than 2000 colours of the RAL and NCS charts.

There are also multiple benefits for applicators who may take advantage of very short application cycles and ease of use.

Spaziocontinuo offers two floor lines (which may also be wall-mounted), SpazioCemento and SpazioResina and two specific wall lines, SpazioChiaroscuro and SpazioMetallo, to leave your imagination and creativity uncostrained.

SpazioCemento and SpazioResina for floors

SpazioCemento is the decorative system with three components for continuous surfaces in resin for residential and commercial applications. The system consists of a range of products which should be stratified and combined with each other to achieve different effects and finishes. The final decorative layer allows obtaining a spatulated and textured solid colour surface, characterised by the typical texture of products applied with a spatula. Designed particularly for floor applications, these three-component systems can however also be applied to walls, obtaining a continuous chromatic material effect which from the horizontal surfaces also extends to the vertical ones. Equipped with high abrasion resistance, it is particularly suitable for commercial flooring subject to heavy traffic such as shops, showrooms and offices and for residential applications. SpazioCemento is available in all shades of the RAL and NCS charts.

SpazioResina instead is the decorative system with three components for continuous surfaces in resin, designed for residential applications. Like SpazioCemento, the system consists of a range of water-based products which should be stratified and combined with each other.

The final decorative layer allows obtaining a smooth spatulated surface with chiaroscuro effects. The intensity of the final finish, the sequence and width of the strokes are given by the skill of the applicator, in order to obtain completely customised effects. SpazioResina allows superimposing several contrasting hues so as to obtain an infinite series of effects and colours. Designed particularly for floor applications, SpazioResina can also be applied to walls, thereby obtaining a continuity effect between the horizontal and vertical surfaces. SpazioCemento is available in all shades of the RAL and NCS charts.

SpazioChiaroscuro and SpazioMetallo for decorating walls

SpazioChiaroscuro is the single-component system developed to create decorative wall finishes with a beautiful spatulated matte look.

It may be applied indoors on the walls, even in areas in contact with water such as bathrooms and showers. The single-component system offers many advantages such as its extremely easy application and low cost in relation to the high product performance.

In this case, as well, the ability of the applicator allows obtaining uniquely decorated surfaces with chiaroscuro aspects modulated according to the customer’s wishes.

SpazioChiaroscuro is available in all shades of the RAL and NCS charts.

Like SpazioChiaroscuro, SpazioMetallo is a single-component decorative system designed for wall applications. Basically, it differs from the former only because of its four colours, characterised by a beautiful and elegant metallic matte finish.

In this case as well, the surface is textured by a more or less accentuated chiaroscuro aspect, according to the intensity and extent of each spatula stroke. The effect constantly changes depending on the light angle, thanks to the metallic reflections of the surface, which takes on an iridescent look. Again, it is possible to ensure the customer has a totally customised application. SpazioMetallo is available in White Metal, Grey Metal, Black Metal and Leather Metal.

Litokol at Maison & Objet 2017

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