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Multi-folding doors SL30-ISO thin framed profile

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To be folded flat on one or both sides, they are ideal to be used in restricted space areas where other types of doors would block the flow between indoor and outdoor.

A state of the art system

This multi-folding door allies the strength and the outstanding insulation qualities of the SL30-ISO®

thermally broken steel profile system ensuring warmth, comfort and more light.

The MHB door features a top-rolling steel beared-track which carries the weight of the panels allowing a trouble-free operation and a smooth run.

The secure locking systems and the railing at the bottom for the correct alignment of the panels keep dust, rain and cold air outside.

Wind and water tightness

Our multi-folding door is highly weather-proof with a wind and water tightness value achieving 300 Pa (and up to 600Pa).

Only 42 mm sightline!

With a sightline of 42 mm, whether it is opened or closed the MHB multi-folding door frame is extremely thin and elegant.

The panels are folded on the outside in a very narrow span allowing you to fully enjoy your terras or garden view while preserving the moving space inside.

• Total height: up to 3.5 m

• Overall width: up to 5 m

• Maximum panel width: 1 m

• Profile depth 80 mm

• Maximum weight per wing: 100 kg

• Welded hinges with bronze bushings and stainless steel pins

• A steel handle is supplied in order to help drawing back the panels to close the door. It can be easily placed on the inside hinges. If desired it can be removed when the handling is done.

• When closed the panels can be locked in place with a slender stainless steel locking rod located on the side of the inside hinges (illustration b & c).

Different configurations

Multi-folding door with all panels folding on the right or left side.

Bi-folding door with parts attached to each side of the framed opening.

Multi-folding doors SL30-ISO thin framed profile

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