German Brand Award 2018 for MLL-HAMBURG

Christiane Bleßmann, MLL-HAMBURG

MLL-HAMBURG wins the Special Mention Award at the German Brand Award

On June 21, 2018, the prize for successful brand management was awarded in Berlin. In the Industry Excellence category in Branding / Building & Elements, MLL-HAMBURG has been awarded the Special Mention Prize. The title "Special Mention" honors work for particular aspects of brand management.

For the Hamburg manufacturing company that is specialized in weather protection, slat systems and solar protection systems and the protection and safety of aluminum, it is an award for stand-out brand strategy and brand management.

Over the past year, the manufacturer has revised his corporate design, but the corporate identity has been rigorously pursued and lived out of conviction.

Among other things, brand work is about valuing the value of each individual. Everyone is part of the whole company. Only together we are strong. Each individual contributes with his or her abilities to create a unique product and to bring it to the outside. The special thing is not only in the development and production of a perfect weather or sun protection - the holistic concept planning of the objects and our appearance are unmistakable and go new ways.

Through the juried by brand experts Special Mention price is MLL HAMBURG established with its brand strategy and its brand image and makes for all the brand to life.

German Brand Award 2018 for MLL-HAMBURG

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