Sky Light

Jason Yao

Large one-piece LED Panel

Sky light is developed to bring sky indoor, at the same time to remain high quality and sufficient white light. It is.The sky light in the photo is a one-piece LED panel in dimension L1800 x W1200,use one-piece stretch film,printed with blue sky and white clouds.The printed graphic can be selected from NEONNY options or provided by client. NEONNY supplies the panel light upon verifying the installation compatibility. No matter what kind of ceiling,tile ceiling,plaster ceiling or open ceiling,no matter which installation type you want, we will  make sure the light panel can be easily and safely installed. Besides this professional service, we are able to supply the 

panel in bespoke shape and size,large one-piece sky light is available by using this solution.

Sky light
Sky light

Printed sky one one large stretch film,bakclit LED in daylight color temerature

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