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The right lighting for a snug atmosphere in your home

The Heimtextil international show in Frankfurt am Main in January 2017 saw NMC showcasing lighting solutions for cosy and comfortable room designs. The company is expanding its existing Architecture & Design range to include two new mouldings, while five existing ones can be retrofitted appropriately.

Architects traditionally regard light as the fourth dimension. It emphasises the design of a space and ensures a harmonious interplay between forms, material, colours and textures. It is this play of light and shade, direct and indirect lighting, that gives a space its atmosphere and creates a mood. The key factor is the harmonious interplay between the various light sources, in other words how and where the light is placed. NMC was presenting some attractive lighting solutions at the Heimtextil show in Frankfurt at the very beginning of the year.

Decorative mouldings for indirect lighting

Indirect ambient light is very appealing for the living area. Rather than streaming into the space, it is reflected by the walls and ceiling in such a way that it rounds out the room. This creates a comfortable, intimate, yet light atmosphere which fosters a sense of well-being. This underlying feeling of relaxation is easy to create with NMC strips. The two new ARSTYL® IL1 and IL2 mouldings have been developed specifically for this purpose. However, the five existing ARSTYL® mouldings AD22, AD23, Z1220, Z16 and Z20 are also really simple to retrofit with the ARSTYL® LED clip and LED lighting strips. The big WALLSTYL® WT3 and WT4 decorative mouldings also offer sufficient space for moody back-lighting and can also be used with a reflective adhesive tape and low-energy LEDs to create some impressive lighting solutions.

Decorative mouldings for direct lighting

Individual direct light sources can be deployed to create a certain excitement in the space. Spotlights integrated into decorative mouldings and baseboards can direct the right light on to attractive accessories, pictures or sophisticated furniture. You can get particularly good results here with the ARSTYL® L1 to L5 mouldings. Placed along your walls, they emphasise the proportions of the room and help to create a moody atmosphere.

Skirting board lights

The decorative, ultra-tough baseboards in the WALLSTYL® range offer individual solutions tailor-made for every room setting, meaning that they fit harmoniously into any interior design scheme. NMC has developed a ready-fitted lighting system with integrated low-energy LED strips which is compatible with all models of WALLSTYL® skirting board lights with a height of 60 mm or more. Aluminium mouldings are fitted to the wall by means of a magnet, and every skirting board is secured flush to them. The aluminium distributes the heat in such a way that the LED skirting board light is guaranteed to last a long time. This means that you can achieve impressive effects on any wall from below, and if need be, the boards can also be removed.

Light frames for wall panels

ARSTYL® WALL PANEL light frames can be used to terrific dramatic effect to transform almost any ARSTYL® WALL PANEL into an illuminated picture. The frames consist of aluminium mouldings and come fully fitted with LED lighting electronics. The aluminium mouldings offer protection against overheating and prevent damage to the electronic components. Every panel is affixed to the aluminium frame. This in turn is attached to the wall like a picture frame, using a bracket. This gives you a light frame that is ready to plug and play, a complete system including transformer, LED and covering strip. It’s easy to fit, and you can take it down again at any time if you need to. It’s completely practical and safe.


With the right lighting – an unobtrusive indirect ceiling light and smaller lighting accents – you can create a pleasant, balanced ambience in a room. Whether you tend more towards the avant garde, or prefer a smooth traditional or romantic look, NMC has the right moulding for any interior. In addition, both the WALLSTYL® skirting board lights and the ARSTYL® WALL PANEL light frames are outstanding for achieving effective mood lighting. They add a touch of class to any space, making even an ordinary humdrum apartment into something special, offering perfect solutions for domestic items in a contemporary style.

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Decorative mouldings for indirect lighting

Decorative mouldings for indirect lighting

Light frames for wall panels

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