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The Modern Farmstead

On the outrim of a rural town called Afsnee lies a humble farmstead, one that has recently been renovated by the architectural firm Juma Architects. Finalised in 2017, the goal of the modernisation of this three story home was to implement contemporary ideas whilst keeping certain historical elements.

The lighting plan wasn't persé a first priority - despite multiple levels and restrictions, the beautiful building flooded with natural lighting. Still, electrical lighting was neccessary for when night-time comes. Placed between the original support beams - one of these historical elements - ORBIT's Piccolo subtly blended in with the calm, minimalistic aesthetic of the project.

"Thanks to the use of soft materials in combination with an abundance of light, these rooms radiate a feeling of wellness," shares Juma Architects about this combination of lighting. "The semi-permeable curtains filter the sunlight on sunny days, which makes the lighting within this farmstead very pleasant."

The Piccolo finds a new home
The Piccolo finds a new home

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