PALME bathrooms for all generations

PALME Duschabtrennungen
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The reality can be very great!

Made for modern living and sensual showering. For every generation. With this program PALME sets accents for a light-flooded, sensual showering. Especially our floor-even showers ensure a consistent showering pleasure in every phase of life.

Even to the floor means: Nothing bares the way to a relaxing shower experience. There are no barriers which could make the entry more difficult. A big entry width and a spacious shower area provide first-class comfort and shower pleasure on the highest level.

It is due to the technical refinements and the stylistically confident design of the austrian manifacturer that PALME design and functionality do not hinder one another.

A prime example therefore is the PALME model PIANA SLIDE. High-quality handlebars consisting of precious material, precious handle shells as well as discreet fittings give this model an elegant look. The characteristic stainless steel rollers are absolute eye-catcher. Precise smoothed glass surround give the perfect roller guide for a silent, event and smooth sliding.

Special attention is paid to the connection of open design and practical use, no matter if showering with smooth-running sliding doors, folding doors, revolving doors with a wide door entry or Walk-in-versions are involved. Referring to the managing director of Palme, Ing. Ralph Prader. Each floor-even model stands for elegance and convenient showering.

„A big shower area provides unhindered freedom of movement and is an important assistance in daily life for a lot of people. Especially with increasing age. And because luxary is defined by comfort, the cleaning of PALME shower enclosures is uncomplicated and the surface extremely easy to clean. Moreover non-slip handles provide a good haptic.“

Ing. Ralph Prader, managing director

Piana Slide
Piana Slide

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