Self-Supporting Canopy System

Audrey ROCCA

VD1510 by Pauli

Glass canopies not only look good, they also provide protection from the wind and weather. They range from small roofs which act as rain protection in front of residential buildings through to large canopy roofs covering e.g. shopping centres.

The new canopy VD1510 designed and created by Pauli+Sohn is the new definition of elegance and simplicity.

• connector rods are not required

• easy assembly

• 17.52 mm LSG made of TVG with SentryGlas® interlayer

• max. 1100mm cantilever span

• numerous profiles can be mounted in a series

• no edge recesses in glass panel are required

• only the lower glass panel of the laminate requires holes for fixing

(no risk of drill offset in the laminate)

We remain at your disposal should you need further information : + 33 442 58 18 13

Our new catalog will be available soon !

Self-Supporting Canopy System

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