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Our finishes make the environments new and attractive. If you choose the Planium systems, you always choose metal. Specialist and material expert, Planium supplies and installs unique floors and coverings.

Here are our amazing finishes:

Smooth or Embossed Stainless Steel

The Stainless Steel finish is versatile for use and it is the ideal answer for those, who are looking for a solution that gives brightness and elegance to the whole environment.

Perfect when you need a surface that guarantees hygiene and ease of cleaning.

The steel we employ gives the flooring resistance to wear and transit of people. Functional, brilliant, suitable for any room: we offer standard finishes of Brushed Smooth or Embossed Stainless Steel. On request, special sophisticated textures are available such as Chess or Linen Cloth or even with an industrial flair like 5WL and 7WL.

Calamine Steel

When you prefer Calamine Steel, you want to surprise. The surface is amazing: the aesthetic effect is unexpected and new. There are shades of gray, blue and petrol; oxidation amplifies these warmer tones with copper flames. Waxing, the treatment that we propose, stabilizes the evolution of oxidation over time.

The total visual result will exalt all the space.

It is a material that explains itself only in part when it is shown. The hot rolling, to which the plate is subjected, gives it the color richness of veins and chromatic contrasts, which makes each single element original.

Mirror steel

Incomparable shine, delicate finish, almost perfect, with no defects; the mirror steel dilates space, expands surfaces, in any application. Planium offers this finish to enhance environments with light and reflection games.


An incredible finish, extraordinary for its features. Here is the heat of Copper, the intense red note embodies unusual settings and scenarios. Its charm consists of the multiplicity of color and oxidation variations that passage of time accentuates. Copper is a 100% recyclable material and it is an excellent electrical conductor.


Special is this finish, which can transform all the environments: its bright tone and full light will make each room warm and welcoming. Bronze has excellent mechanical characteristics and great resistance to corrosion and wear, it is a great conductor.

Embossed stainless steel finish
Embossed stainless steel finish

Elegant and versatile finish, suitable for any kind of environment

Embossed stainless steel

Smooth stainless steel




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