Planium and Copper

Eleonora Terenzi

The Red Note

Planium covers your surfaces, either floors or walls, with loose-lay solutions.

Specialist in creations with metals, Planium offers this time its loose-lay flooring and coating systems with a copper finish. Copper is a valuable material, indicator of hygiene and well-being. Man has been using it since ancient times in various fields; it is flexible and versatile and it is suitable for many applications. Its beauty is timeless. Its warm tones will flood preciously into your rooms and make every scenario unique and original. Combine materials and different finishes and create and renew your spaces easily.

Through the pressure hook every single plate can be installed and repositioned in infinite ways. No glue or adhesive is required. We produce 600x600 mm, 1,200 x 1,200 mm standard sizes or larger sizes and tailor made alternatives, according to the projects of our clients.

Copper Surfaces
Copper Surfaces

A setting of pure elegance

Copper Texture

A Unique Emotion

Natural Smooth Copper

A Warm Color

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