CWS Paradise Cleanseat PRO


Selfcleaning Toilet Seat

After each use, the CWS Paradise Cleanseat PRO extends a cleaning arm, grasps onto the seat and cleans and / or disinfects it in one complete rotation. A sensor in the appliance recognises every user, even if he or she does not touch the toilet seat. The cleaning procedure can also be triggered manually. The “Clean” display lights up once the seat has been freshly cleaned. The high-capacity cartridge and a reserve tank allow for approx. 5,000 cleaning cycles. The seat can be simply retrofitted onto commercially available WC ceramics.

Statement by the jury

»Toilets in public areas require highest hygiene standards without involving individual users. CWS Paradise Cleanset PRO is highly efficient in achieving it.«

CWS Paradise Cleanseat PRO

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