This clock has a levitating sphere that tells the time


FLYTE, the Swedish design company specializing in levitating products, has a new project in the works called STORY, a modern wood clock that makes the passage of time seem like more than just ticks coming from a clock.

STORY is a time telling piece that features a levitating chrome sphere that orbits around a wooden base to tell the time, count down days, and act as a timer.

STORY can be used in 3 different modes to allow you to engage with time in various ways. In journey mode you can count down the days, months, or years, until the next special event in your life.

In clock mode, time is tracked like a traditional 12 hour clock by the levitating chrome sphere that makes a one full orbit per hour. An LED matrix display can also be turned on to show you the exact time whenever you need to know it.

In timer mode you can count down short term activities throughout the day to make sure you’re managing your time well and completing things on time.

In addition to tracking time, STORY has a number of other features that become available when it’s connected to an app. Lighting at the back of the timepiece can be programmed to display various pieces of information in a more interesting way. Moon phases, for example, can be represented by the light, sunrise and sunset can be illuminated, and temperature can be displayed by color.

The technology used by FLYTE also allows STORY to be positioned horizontally, vertically, or at a 60 degree angle without impairing the levitation of the sphere.

This clock has a levitating sphere that tells the time