This bathroom sink was designed with a transparent glass bottom


The Depth Basin, designed by Daniele Lago for the Italian design brand LAGO, is a glass sink that when combined with wood (or other materials) creates a unique looking vanity.

The sink is made from an 8-cm thick shelf that features a transparent glass bottom that plays with users’ perception of depth, has an incline to ensure quick drainage, and creates a unique experience for all who use it.

The sink can be customized using one of four finishes – Wildwood, Slimtech, resin and laminate – and allows you create different looks and feels in each bathroom, ranging from warm and inviting with the Wildwood, to playful and fun with the colorful laminate.

The Wildwood finish creates a spa-like feel in your bathroom and adds an elegant touch of nature to the interior. Treated with a special heat process, the wood used to make the basin is extremely resistant to bathroom wear and tear and incredibly durable.

The Slimtech finish on the Depth Basin is created by a 3.5 mm thick sheet of glazed stoneware. The sophisticated finish makes the sink extremely durable and super easy to clean.

The resin finish on the Depth Basin creates a smooth continuous surface that makes it easy to clean and resistant to chemical cleaning agents often used in the bathroom.

With the freedom to use either a single color or multiple colors, the laminate finish is stain resistant, easy to clean, and adds a pop of color to help you create a more playful look in the bathroom.

This bathroom sink was designed with a transparent glass bottom