There are multiple living spaces inside this sprawling suburban house in Colorado


Located just outside of Denver, Colorado in the Cherry Springs Village, is this contemporary home that has recently been listed for sale. Let’s have a look around…

Stepping inside the home, there’s a small water feature and garden to welcome you before entering through the large pivoting wood door.

Just off the entrance is a living room, hidden behind a stone wall with an embedded fireplace, and defined by a large rug. This living area opens up to a patio space, that also provides access to the kitchen and dining room.

The patio has a colorful green wall and sitting area, and provides a view to more outdoor living areas and a pool below.

Located off the patio is the kitchen. Wooden cabinetry, and island with open shelving and a built-in dining nook fill the space. Looking out of the windows in the kitchen you can see a second backyard with a large yard.

Next to the kitchen and the patio is the dining room. A colorful blue patterned rug runs the length of the room and continues up the wall. From the dining room you can see the glass-enclosed wine cellar, and behind the wall at the end of the dining room is a wet bar.

Heading down to the lower level of the home is another dining table. This time, it is part of an open floor plan with a more casual and relaxed appearance.

Stepping down from the dining room is another living room. A large rug defines the space and shelving has been built into the space beneath the stairs. Behind the sofa, there’s a bar with stool seating.

On this level of the home, there’s also a second kitchen. The wooden kitchen with light countertops also has enough space for a dining table that seats eight.

Stepping outside, there’s an outdoor lounge with fireplace and a dining area (the one visible from the patio upstairs).

Next to the living and dining area is the swimming pool and sun lounges. There’s also a yard surrounded by terraced landscaping.

On the opposite side of the house is another backyard and outdoor area. This is the backyard that’s visible from the upstairs kitchen. Hidden lighting highlights the steps that lead down to a landscaped area.

Looking inside, there’s a small indoor/outdoor living room with a fireplace, a dining area, and a barbeque. This space is located just off the upstairs kitchen.

In the master bedroom, there’s a wooden accent wall behind the bed, a small lounge area with a fireplace and built-in shelving along one wall that houses a television.

Off the master bedroom is the master bathroom with a large walk-in closet that has a central island for accessory storage.

Off the bedroom there’s even more green space. Between the two yard areas there’s a path with a water feature that runs alongside it. At the end of the water feature there’s a cabana with another outdoor living room.

Here’s an aerial view of the house from two different angles so that you can see the layout of the home.

There are multiple living spaces inside this sprawling suburban house in Colorado

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