House P

Yonder – Architektur und Design

Designed by German studio Yonder – Architektur und Design, House P is a vacation house whose character is defined by the use of wood, inspired by traditional Allgäu architecture.

House P’s geometry was generated by maximizing the property’s allowable building envelope, a classic Allgäu house with a shallow gabled roof and a full lower level, and then slicing an oblique section from that volume along its center axis. From one building emerge two: a house and a storage shed. The space between offers the family a protected courtyard for outdoor activities.

The resulting slanted rear facade together with a cantilevering stair in turn allow one to reach the main entrance on dry ground. The building’s canted shape also results in an impressive and generous interior space. In the main living room, a large window offers majestic views of the surrounding mountains. The upper and lower floors are linked by a double-height living and dining room with a gallery. A replace provides comfort and warmth.
 A loft at the upper level invites to relax, read or star-gaze through windows positioned to afford direct views of the sky. The basement offers an additional place to retreat with two private bedrooms, a bath and a sauna.

Wood, a regional building material, comprises both the building’s main construction and facade. The facade’s timber shell is charred before assembly. This gives wood a natural and environmentally friendly weather protection and the house its unusual black appearance. Core-insulated exposed concrete at the house’s lower level contrasts the wood. It provides a solid plinth for the timber house above.

House P

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