Urban Jungle on a Plate at Kane World Food Studio Restaurant in Bucharest


The heart of the jungle is beating in the center of Bucharest at Kane World Food Studio, a restaurant designed and recently completed by local architect, Bogdan Ciocodeica. The 180 square meter space comfortably seats up to seventy four patrons and aims to offer them an unforgettable experience from the moment that they step foot through its glass doorways.

In here, the urban jungle mingles with the imprint of the real thing on every level. Greenery - interestingly, after all, this is Pantone's Color of the Year 2017 - serves as a lush backdrop for everything from the green glazed, ceramic subway tiles covering some of the walls, to the exotic plant mural, and the abundant potted vegetation throughout the space. Meanwhile, a long mirror stretches from above and behind the eight meter long, gray-veined, white marble bar that faces the entrance and reflects the urban environment among the glasses and bottles displayed on its see-through shelving.

The seating is organized in sections throughout the open plan restaurant; some of these sections are more intimate than others while the center of the restaurant boasts large, wood tables for larger parties. Other seating offerings such as the banquet seating which stretches underneath the wall with the mural, the comfortable leather sofa arrangement, or the more intimate tables for two beside the wide windows lend themselves to private tête–à–tête's.

At the same time, the poured concrete floors and pillars, as well as the exposed, industrial ceiling - although it too is painted in a rich, deep green tone - and the furniture pieces and accessory items designed by well-known creators such as Normann Copenhagen, HK Living and Bolia, among others, keep Kane World Food Studio grounded enough in its urban location so as to not totally confuse people as to their physical location on the map!

As the designer describes it, "The space is designed as an urban oasis, a lush jungle enclosed in a concrete and steel frame." This is also manifested in the ever-changing menu, which boasts recipes for food and drinks from around the world and then chooses one particular region to focus upon per season, all the while retaining influences from other corners of the globe. In fact, the décor atmosphere and the culinary offerings go perfectly hand-in-hand, complementing and enhancing each other so as to create an experience for all the senses.

Urban Jungle on a Plate at Kane World Food Studio Restaurant in Bucharest