claesson koivisto rune wraps entire swedish pool and spa in parquet tiles

claesson koivisto rune
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stockholm-based firm claesson koivisto rune has completed a pool and spa facility nestled in the picturesque countryside south of sweden. composed of two volumes with an outdoor pool for the summer and an underground spa with an indoor pool for winter, the scheme has been built neighboring a 1796 neoclassical mansion.

the simple gabled structures are clad completely in white, chevron tiles emphasizing the sharp form and provide a stark contrast to the green background. the idea of using on pattern was taken and translated from the parquet flooring seen in the adjacent mansion. based on a raised, grey podium that has been laser cut also with the parquet pattern, on of the two house volumes serve as a roofed outdoor kitchen and dining place, while the smaller and narrower house conceals the stairwell down to the indoor spa.

claesson koivisto rune has treated water as one of the materials on their palette and the white tiles provide a dazzling background to the turquoise water that changes in tone with the depth of the pool.

beneath the ground, the spa provides a relaxing retreat realized with only four materials: timber, water, glass and the tiles; the parquet pattern from wood is superimposed on tile, amplified and distorted by the water. tinted glass wall is a distinctive addition and marks the location of the sauna and showers that flank the indoor pool. claesson koivisto rune has created a contemporary interpretation of a classic composition and in turn, the spa is free from ornamentation and harmonises with the historic mansion in its proportions but does not recreate the historic style.

claesson koivisto rune wraps entire swedish pool and spa in parquet tiles