marte marte architects completes concrete motorway maintenance center near salzburg

marte marte architects

marte marte architects has added to its portfolio of bold infrastructural projects with a concrete motorway maintenance center in austria. located near salzburg, close to the german border, the form of the complex is directly influenced by both the landscape’s sloping terrain, and its proximity to the expressway. access to the building is provided from the northwest, via a ramp that descends to the existing underpass.

marte marte has organized the various buildings so that they come together to form a clearly articulated complex. four structures — each serving different functions — are grouped around a spacious courtyard, which accommodates three 25 meter-tall salt silos at its center. the enclosed sensibility of the courtyard makes it easy to keep track of the site’s various activities, while simultaneously protecting neighboring residents from any noise.

‘the appearance of the motorway maintenance center is characterized by the interplay of concrete, glass and aluminum,’ explains the design team. ‘the building is designed as a reinforced steel structure with a minimum of static elements. the flexibility of the basic structures provides a lot of possibilities for modifications and the office wing has been furnished with lightweight walls in the interior and concrete lamella with glass windows on the façades.’

noise barriers — which run along the southern and western boundaries of the site — have been formally integrated into the overall scheme, while carefully positioned voids and openings have been used to offer views of the surrounding landscape. the open nature of the design also means that the complex can be easily expanded in the future.

marte marte architects completes concrete motorway maintenance center near salzburg