karawitz wraps asymmetric home entirely in grey larch wood in france

karawitz architects

a monolithic volume wrapped entirely in pre-greyed larch cladding stands tall on a tree-lined street in marly-le-roi, a small neighborhood outside of paris. unlike its neighbors, the home was positioned right against the main street with the entrance situated from a driveway that goes underground and beneath the lifted structure.

‘the marly house’ is designed by karawitz architects, the expansive dwelling establishes a loft-like environment that is focused on privacy and catering to the daily activity of the family. a muted material palette has been used, mostly raw materials such as steel and concrete, left in its natural state.

the layout of the ground floor is characterized by the fluidity of its three spaces. they are organized around the central fireplace which in itself, is enough to heat the entire passive house during the winter. the kitchen and an intimate living room are located on either side of the sculptural staircase made from a single piece of prefabricated steel, while two steps higher a living room crossing opens onto a vast terrace that cantilevers onto the street.

the grey exterior is only punctuated by the carefully positioned windows that look carved from the envelope. the covered balcony on the ground floor has access to the private garden. a perforated galvanized-steel fence invites glances into the garden, which actually runs under the house allowing the entire structure to be lifted above the sightline of passersby.

karawitz wraps asymmetric home entirely in grey larch wood in france

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