Euroluce: Light the Planet in Style & Safety

ArchiExpo e-Magazine

"We are no longer ruled by the lightbulb."

During the 2017 edition of Euroluce, the biennial exhibition at Salone del Mobile Milan, 450 exhibitors from around the world created unique environments representative of their brand, evolving style and technological advances that shape the industry. The exhibit provided a resource for indoor, outdoor, industrial and specialty lighting, but most of the focus was on indoor designs for homes and public spaces.

ArchiExpo e-Magazine caught up with several designers and editors to discuss how traditional materials and techniques continue to generate innovation, and how new technologies, and evolving safety and environmental regulations, are influencing design.

Read more about process-based metamorphosis, slender lines of LEDs and advances In wireless technology directly in ArchiExpo e-Magazine.

Euroluce: Light the Planet in Style & Safety