Progetto CMR, Massimo Roj Architects

Pendant Luminaire

Defining space and sound

Surfaces of simple egg cartons possess outstanding sound absorption qualities thanks to the specific surface structure. This property is used particularly in sound studios to acoustically conceal the room and reduce the amount of noise on the outside. The design of the Eggboard pendant luminaire picks up this principle, translating it into a high-quality lighting option. Conceived as an innovative combination of sound absorption and lighting, it possesses similar properties. It absorbs sound within the room, something that is immediately noticeable in open office spaces. This is achieved through an innovative design with two panels made of sustainable recycled polyester. They absorb sound in a given space and thus offer improved acoustics. The lamp thus catches the attention with its materials and turns into a defining object within a given space. Its sound absorbing property merges with a visually impressive lighting quality. A high number of delicately integrated low-power LEDs with rotationally symmetric reflectors provide for a maximum lighting comfort. Fascinating in terms of its functionality, the Eggboard pendant luminaire is available in three colours for a variety of different interior space designs. The combination of lighting and sound absorption truly turns this luminaire into something special – it creates quiet spaces of lighting.

Statement by the jury

»With its design reminiscent of egg cartons, the Eggboard pendant luminaire creates a new form of lighting. Featuring a double functionality, it changes the perception of any given space in an interesting manner. The way it integrates the LEDs into the complex surface is highly fascinating. This pendant luminaire reduces the sound level in spacious rooms and exudes a presence that impresses beholders with its futuristic appeal.«


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