Corian Cabana Club

Martina Mondadori and Christoph Radl

With the setting for “Corian® Cabana Club” at Padiglione Visconti, Martina Mondadori and Christoph Radl created a short circuit between the minimalism to which we were accustomed to associate Corian® and the maximalism proposed on the Cabana magazine’s pages. #MDW2017

Organised by Corian® and Cabana magazine, the exhibition “Corian® Cabana Club”, set during the Milano Design Week 2017 at Padiglione Visconti in the Tortona area, proposed a multicultural and emotional journey into the world of Maximalism.

Martina Mondadori Sartogo and Christoph Radl – editor-in-chief and creative director of Cabana magazine – are the art directors of the exhibition, with the collaboration of Martino Berghinz Studio. Seven creatives coming from the fields of interior design, decoration and fashion have conceived seven cabanas made up of seven maximalist scenes – in which Corian® design surface is a key element –, each one inspired by a different culture and by the emotionally and sensorially rich style unique to Cabana.

Through a giant doorway and experiential path (“The Gateway” and “The Tunnel of Mystery”, both designed by Christoph Radl) that combine Corian® with a variety of fascinating decorative patterns, lighting effects and music, visitors reached the “Corian® Cabana Club” village.

Corian Cabana Club