U060 Lightway Grazing Baffles / Symmetrical Baffles

Vice Lighting

Architectural Lighting

U060 Lightway Grazing Baffles/Symmetrical Baffles was designed with the concept of total optical flexibility in mind, offering two completely different lighting applications: selective full asymmetric wall grazing from zero start point, as well as general illumination offering powerful lighting performance with a high degree of uniformity and glare control. The conversion from vertical to horizontal illumination and vice versa is achieved in a simple operation. Switching to the required application changes not only the light distribution but also the appearance of the fixture itself.

Statement by the jury

»A high level of functionality makes this architectural lighting stand out as an effective light solution for the demanding public sector.«

U060 Lightway Grazing Baffles / Symmetrical Baffles

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