Accademia Pop Limited Edition

Teuco Guzzini SpA
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Graceful objet d’art

Its size alone makes a bathtub the dominant feature of a bathroom and is the individual understanding of what bathing culture is. The Accademia Pop Limited Edition is made appealing by its expressive language of form, which lends the bathtub a fascinatingly new appearance. It looks like a unique object created by an artist. By aiming to bring together classical and postmodern influences, the resulting design spawned new aesthetics. This bathtub demonstrates exciting lines with sensual graceful curves. Its particular expressiveness comes from the colourful graphic motives on the surface. These are made possible by the use of an innovative material called Duralight, which is 100 per cent mouldable and therefore makes a wide range of shapes feasible. The advantage for the user is its durability and ease of cleaning. The idea of the designer of Accademia Pop Limited Edition was to create a living dialogue between the past, present and future in which expressive minimalism is linked to neoclassic elements. With the combination of artistic craftsmanship and the potential of innovative materials, an object has been created with an appealing artistic appearance.

Statement by the jury

»With modern graphic elements on its surface, the Accademia Pop Limited Edition bathtub has the appearance of a luxurious work of art. This type of decoration opens up a myriad of creative possibilities that will suit any interior. The innovative properties of the exclusive material Duralight are convincing. It is easy to use and highly durable.«

Accademia Pop Limited Edition