5 Penthouses From 5 Different Parts Of The World

Alexander Simakov
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Beautiful design does not depend on geographic borders.

While designers and architects frequently take cues and inspiration from the surrounding terrain and local culture the reality is that stunning spaces exist in every corner of the world. To celebrate this diversity of design, we're featuring five luxurious penthouses, each from a different country. Keep reading to go on a mini world tour of modern living.

The first penthouse in this post is from the Ukraine. The modern two story space is steeped in cozy decadence. Overstuffed chairs and ottomans demand relaxation of the body while simple, clean design calms the mind as well. The lofted bedroom area is particularly comfortable, using its comparatively minimal area to create a nest that’s ideal for sleeping or intimate conversation.

In the U.S. home, the modern penthouse design tends further towards minimalism as personified in the elegant spiral staircase that wraps around a concrete pole. Materials like concrete and metal give a nod to industrial aesthetics while marble and hardwood keep things warm.

The mishmash of styles in this French apartment should come as no surprise in a country well knows for their creative contrasts. Bright colors pair with cool neutrals and stripes with prints while sunshine is never ever forgotten.

This Denmark home has a simple Scandinavian appeal. Lots of white stands in contrast to elegant dark wood beams and subtle black accents. The resulting design is clean and evokes a majorly upscale version of IKEA.

The final apartment comes from Vietnam and the southeast Asian influence is unmistakable. Intricate light fixtures and carefully carved cabinetry play well with Vietnamese ceramics. The space opens up into an elegant outdoor area that truly takes advantage of the tropical surroundings.

Designer: Alexander Simakov

Designer: Alexander Simakov