Overgaard & Dyrman

A subtle mix of modern technology and handmade finish

Today’s designers understand the importance of finding a decent balance between the aesthetics of modern design and the roughness of traditional craftsmanship. Add that to a Nordic sensitivity, and you get the spirit of the new Wire Collection by Danish designers Overgaard & Dyrman. Each piece has been made in a workshop near Copenhagen mixing both modern technology and handmade finish. This smart combination is starting to become the fabrication pattern of many design objects that we’ve seen over the last few years.

Indeed, after a computer frenzy, designer are coming back to more hands-on techniques, while mixing present, past and futuristic influences in their work. They focus on finding a balance between these various influences. And there’s no doubt it’s a choice that often works, as is the case with the Wire Collection. The design and the materials draw their inspiration from traditional saddlery, while the global cut of the pieces is decidedly contemporary. All seems to be a logical and simple prolongation of our origins, but at the same time, it stands beautifully out of banality.


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