Federico Peri
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Federico Peri toys with tools

Smack dab in the Ventura Lambrate lounge, we ran across Milan-based designer Federico Peri. His use of leather and metal as a way to enhance competence and care for traditions expands our design era. Typical furniture concepts like a reading chair and a bookshelf are transformed into fresh ideas. The balance between visionary and operative in his philosophy produces practical pieces that pull the rug under your feet and make you fall in love.

The influence of his work takes us beyond this 50% conceptual and 50% functional. Much of it came from his grandfather. Where do boys often pal up with their fathers and grandfathers? The garage. So it’s only natural to find Frederico Peri’s mind grow from there and, as he is a designer, twist around this idea of altering the purpose of tools.

The Libreria bookshelf, for example, resembles a ladder, while it is actually a bookshelf. The piece sticks out for that simple fact, but the possibility of using it as a ladder rids us of the challenge in grasping the book on the top shelf. The Scaffale d’Arte, a personal favorite, gives the desk a revamped look. Once again he toys with metal and leather, applying a garage-tool-shelf feel with open, overhead compartments. It’s very stylish, yet sensible.

How does one choose a favorite amongst his products? The Biblioteca Itinerante. A reading chair lined with leather that has book shelves up and over its frame. And the back of the seat is leaning at that perfect angle we look for when reading. A normal chair back-to-back to the reading chair can allow for some company. Only around since 2007, we expect a future with more tremendous commodities from his studio.


Biblioteca Itinerante by Federico Peri


Scaffale D’Arte by Federico Peri


Libreria Bookshelf by Federico Peri


Liberia Bookcase (detail) by Federico Peri


Panchetta Sofa by Federico Peri

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