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French design served with a side of cheekiness

Polit may be a new kid on the block, but the manufacturer already has a well-defined design identity. With a slew of tongue-in-cheek slogans and a collection of simple, functional furniture, Polit exudes certainty.

Launched in 2013, Polit is focused on two things: form and function. Perhaps the same could be said of every design manufacturer, but Polit differentiates themselves with a dedication to manufacturing exclusively in France using recyclable materials and a touted “French touch”.

Their first collection contains designs from French designers Cyril de Moulins and Avril de Pastre. It includes a desk with graphic lines, a honeybee inspired table, a colorful Camembert table and a modular piece that can serve as storage, a table, an entertainment center or all of the above.

An innovative electronic traceability system was put in place beginning with Polit’s first collection to ensure the authenticity of each piece. It functions using Code à Bulles™, an irreproducible seal that is impossible to remove without leaving a trace. Clients register their product with the platform Prooftag™, allowing the client to verify its authenticity and allowing the manufacture to track products through time.

We find their commitment to local manufacturing and droll marketing to be reason enough to take interest, but their first collection contains colorful, fun and practical designs that we actually want to make our own. We look forward to further work from this colorful design producer.


7 Bis Repetita desk by Cyril de Moulins Image © Les Graphiquants


Club Sandowich by Cyril de Moulins Image © Les Graphiquants


Ruche table by Avril de Pastre Image © Les Graphiquants