Spotlight on 'Stone'


An oak dining / conference table, chair and bar stool.

The STONE collection was born out of a shared passion for furniture and the meeting between Dutch brand Quodes and Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz. Quodes challenged the young designer to create a welcoming and timeless collection that matches their unique, avant-garde vision.

The STONE collection defines itself most overall through its generous, reassuring solidity and welcoming language. Table, Chair and Barstool are distinctive assemblages of hefty form and carefully carved proportions. The robust appearance looks as strong as stone, yet blends with the soft lines of the seats, table tops and elegant, organically shaped legs.

The possible combinations, from traditional materials such as full wooden versions, to colour contrasts, only reinforce its sculptural qualities, both recalling a primitive time as well as setting classic, timeless pieces.

Stone was launched at Design District '16 in the Netherlands.

STONE collection

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