Design suggestions in a triplex in Montréal with Nastro by Ritmonio.

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Redpath Industrial Chic

The merger of three apartments, in different floors, to create a new housing unit: this is the project that Les Ensembliers firm has worked on for this triplex in Montréal, Canada, succeeding in recreating the initial spaces and the purpose of each of the three units.

"We were able to bring this project much farther than we imagined, thanks to the exceptional relationship with our customers” – says Arch Maxime Vandal and the designer Richard Oulette.

Taking advantage of the power of the industrial character of the building, the designers opted for two bold architectural expressions, a vertical and an horizontal: an atrium that brings a better natural lighting to the third floor and a raised floor of three steps, which connects the stairs.

In regards to the interior, the dining room stands out, characterised by the impressive steel fireplace, the high ceiling, the large oval table, the large windows and the accessories composed of small lamps hanging from a cubic structure of bars of metal.

At the same time, the kitchen has been reduced to the essential: three minimalist islands. The master bedroom, located on the third floor, conveys warmth and elegance thanks to the use of warm colors.

The furniture and decorative elements have been carefully selected by the architects: walls covered in turquoise blue silk, a fireplace in Verona marble and use of acrylic paint in the women's room.

Each object has been carefully chosen for its personality and for the way it fits into the context. Each space has been conceived as a work of art, with impressionist touches, calculated to inspire and excite.

This is the case of the bathroom, where the Nastro series by Ritmonio, in chrome finish, creates sinuous lines, bright reflections: the water dance in its ideal form. Nastro perfectly interprets the mood of the project, because its forms are those of metamorphosis, evolution and the tendency to wellness.

Design suggestions in a triplex in Montréal with Nastro by Ritmonio.

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