The new Kancelarija Bar in Rijeka chooses Ritmonio.

Rubinetterie Ritmonio Srl
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Kancelarjia Bar

In the center of Rijeka, Kancelarija Bar – recently opened – it is very noticeable because of its interiors, original and accurate to the smallest details. A different and polyhedral approach, for a "hybrid" place between cafeteria, bar and office.

Cozy and elegant at the same time, whether it's for morning coffee or a glass of wine after work. it is impossible not to be impressed by the jungle-style wallpaper, the blue features of the walls and the "invisible" toilets.

For the toilets the unmistakable design of Ritmonio was chosen with the Reverso series in chrome. Reverso finds its perfect place in this unique context of public hospitality, which shares with the brand the mission of reserving an original experience for guests: this new "Bar Office" has already become the favorite place for smart workers or anyone who wants to socialize.

Just like those who choose Ritmonio products, those who decide to enter Kancelarija Bar seek an immersive and complete wellness experience.

The Reverso series is one of the Ritmonio’s product with water saving features, characterized by the ECO water flow, less than 9 l/m, and it is designed to encourage to use the environmental resources responsibly

Kancelarjia Bar
Kancelarjia Bar

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