Extra fire safety meets design with ROCKPANEL FS-Xtra (A2-s1, d0)

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Applied on an aluminium or steel supporting structure and fixed with blind rivets, the premium ‘FS-Xtra'' boards meet the requirements for European fire class A2-s1, d0, and can be classified as non-combustible according to national building regulations.

Available in a wide choice of colours and designs

The low maintenance, optimum performance grade boards are available in the following designs:

• solid colour ‘Rockclad'' range

• iridescent ‘Chameleon''

• elegant ‘Woods''

• modern ‘Metallics''.

Play with ROCKPANEL Woods, not with fire

As wood by nature is combustible. ROCKPANEL Woods is, like the other ROCKPANEL design ranges, able to fulfil even the highest safety requirements in style. The FS-Xtra Woods range allows specifiers to design buildings with the pleasing appearance of natural wood, whilst giving a ‘peace of mind'' that the risk of fire spread across the facade can be significantly reduced.

The renowned facade cladding, with extra fire safety

ROCKPANEL is more lightweight in comparison with other board materials like HPL and Fibre Cement Boards, and can be easily worked on site. It is manufactured from the natural stone; basalt, which makes it extremely durable, weather resistant and strong, as well as providing inherent fire resistant properties. In the FS-Xtra grade all of the attributes of the original boards are there, but the fire performance is amplified, purely through its stone wool fibres, without the need for additives.

Application areas for FS-Xtra

FS-Xtra graded ROCKPANEL facade cladding is particularly suitable for applications where high levels of fire performance are desirable or mandatory, such as:

• high rise apartments

• schools and childcare centres

• hospitals

• care homes

With FS-Xtra also sustainability and fire safety go hand in hand

With sustainability at the heart of all ROCKPANEL board materials and manufacturing processes, architects and specifiers can be assured that their environmental credentials match their fire performance, meeting cladding requirements and providing all round design performance in a single package.

Interested in how ROCKPANEL FS-Xtra would suit your project? Contact us today!

Extra fire safety meets design with ROCKPANEL FS-Xtra (A2-s1, d0)

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