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Specifiers go for gold with new ROCKPANEL Metallics design

Rockwool B.V. / Rockpanel Group

Discover more about the beauty and performance of this new ROCKPANEL Metallics design

The ROCKPANEL Group is giving specifiers even greater creative freedom with the unveiling of a new eye-catching ROCKPANEL Metallics design.

The mellow opulence of ROCKPANEL Metallics Gold will equip architects with an even greater choice of façade cladding boards, inspiring them to dream up and realise their most stunning architectural visions. The ROCKPANEL Group decided to introduce the new design to meet demand from architects across Europe. The engineered lustre of the ROCKPANEL Metallics Gold will ensure the panels bring a touch of class to any building.

In addition to the new Gold design, a further four Metallics designs are offered: White Aluminium, Graphite Grey, Anthracite Metallic and Grey Aluminium, allowing architects to create a full range of contemporary finished façades.

However, truly first class design not only requires beautiful aesthetics, but also outstanding building performance. Just like all other ROCKPANEL products, the new designs are durable and sustainable, achieving a Green Guide A+ and A rating for various ventilated façade structures.

ROCKPANEL boards are manufactured from the sustainable rock, basalt, which makes the boards very robust and fire-safe. At the same time they are flexible and easy to work with. Thanks to the high-quality coating and the standard self-cleaning ProtectPlus finish , the illustrious glamour will shine through for years to come.

Specifiers go for gold with new ROCKPANEL Metallics design

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