5mm _design Ing.Castagnoli – Emanuel Gargano – Marco Fagioli

Rubinetterie Treemme
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5mm is one of the best known and most successful lines from Rubinetterie Treemme.

Over recent years, this model has won numerous awards, including the Compasso D’Oro ADI in 2016, the Design Plus in 2013, the German Design Award, the ADI design Award, the ADI Index, the Gran Design Etico and the Red Dot Design Award in 2014.

Five millimeters is in fact the constant thickness, not only when the water flows out from the mouth, but also of the inner passage with all its mixing dynamics. This patent in fact allows the passage of water in five mm also in the flat version. The use of a single thickness for all the tap components, for the control levers and also for the applications of the series make

the 5MM design light and imperceptible. It represents technology studied in detail to ensure an innovative appearance, a cutting-edge line and at the same time is testament to the great attention paid to ecosustainability and water saving by the company.

5mm _design Ing.Castagnoli – Emanuel Gargano – Marco Fagioli

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