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The tailored look, coordinated concept and technical perfection: Samo takes the stage at Cersaie

Terzomillennium press office for Samo

From 25 to 29 September, Samo will the leading actor at BolognaFiere - Pav. 29, Stand C1/D4 – to discover once again the Italian experience of the shower.

The next big trade fair event for Samo will be the 2017 edition of Cersaie, where the company will have the opportunity to present its latest developments to great effect. The unmistakable style of the brand will have an unprecedented tailored look this year, to satisfy the demands of a clientele more than ever informed and on the lookout for innovative solutions, even made to measure.

Cersaie will also provide a showcase for the unveiling of an absolute preview: America quattro, the latest development in the best-selling America series of shower cabins by Samo. The company's founder, Cav. Orvile Venturato, had the brilliant idea for the America series back in 1985, and it was an immediate blockbuster. Unstoppable growth led the company in a short time to become the world's leading producer of shower cabins. The quality of construction, ease of installation and immediate availability of the products made America a dynamic solution, with youthful lines, customizable in all versions. The latest version, America quattro is a gem of technology, though maintaining all its traditional features intact. The shower walls are 4 mm thick for a height of 190 cm – either sliding or swinging doors – available in different assemblies for different sizes and to satisfy different esthetic tastes: gliding corner or niche solutions, swinging doors with total internal/external opening, all in possible combination with a fixed wall. For the first time, the innovative UV adhesive technique has been applied here to a shower of the Dinamica collection, but that is not the only distinctive feature of America quattro: in fact, it also offers a detachable door and a flush internal glass wall, for which all the hardware for support of the crystal sheets is compressed into the thickness of the glass, so as to facilitate cleaning. The technical perfection achieved by this solution means a fresh, modern, totally customizable design.

2017 is also the year of Zenith – the best among solutions "made to measure" – which will be on display at Cersaie in original new versions with extraordinary impact. In Zenith, the refined, minimal lines are flanked by new design techniques like the multi-directional hinge that can be raised, with a body in steel and finish in polished chrome, the closure sealed with magnetic gaskets inserted in the thickness of the glass, the chrome-plated clamp or supporting kit.

Being able to anticipate ideas is fundamental for a company to continue to dictate the trends: Samo also suggests a coordinated concept unifying the profiles, shower tray and column. The focus of this trend is certainly Acrux, enhanced with colors and finishing that emphasize these three matchable elements according to the same color range or ton-sur-ton, for a surprising, harmonious effect. The bathroom of the future will be sleekly functional and extremely practical: to meet this trend, Samo presents Grand Polaris, a simple but elegant shower cabin that is extremely versatile. The profiles in minimal aluminum exalt the plays of light and brilliance of the walls, with flush lift hinges on the inner glass that make it a sophisticated furnishing element.

From 25 to 29 September, Samo will the leading actor at BolognaFiere - Pav. 29, Stand C1/D4 – to discover once again the Italian experience of the shower.

America quattro
America quattro

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