Sirio bird cage by Samuele Mazza

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A new remarkable gazebo shaped like a cage!

A gazebo represents conviviality and reflects the social life that takes place in any outdoor area, garden, terrace or beside a swimming pool. In the eyes of the designer, it is a special area that should have a striking impact and become the focal point for any setting from sunset to dawn. The birdcage gazebo creates a unique setting and is complemented by coordinated furnishings for a an unsual, romantic ambience.

A totally new inspiration for your outdoor ambience. Inside the birdcage is a Sirio dining table surmounted by the best seller of our lighting collection: the Sole chandelier shaped like a birdcage, whose lights are enclosed in precious mouth-blown glass birds. A combination of oneiric and ironic shapes that create a magical atmosphere.

Every element in this collection is made of wrought-iron treated to resist the most severe weather conditions. The lighting elements are IP54 certified, the cushion covers are completely water- and mould- proof to combine elegance and functionality.

As guaranteed by our customization policy, the Sirio bird cage gazebo can be built in any size as requested by the client and the top can be lined with a variety of fabrics for protection from the sun and rain.

The result is an unprecedented ambience for your outdoor area.

Elements composing the set:

Sirio gazebo bird cage

Sole chandelier

Sirio table and chair

Sirio Gazebo Bird Cage
Sirio Gazebo Bird Cage

Sirio Gazebo bird cage

Sirio bird cage ans Sirio chandelier

Sirio bird cage and sirio dining table

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