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Healthcare Solutions

Uniquely designed for medical and healthcare institutions, Sileather™ guarantees both comfort and health safety. Easy to clean, sustainable, superior softness, and skin friendly.

Exceptional Stain Resistance, Fade Resistance, Easy To Clean, Allergy Free, Ultimate Soft Hand, Durable

Our fabrics are ideal for healthcare because of our many beneficial qualities that let you know your patients and clients can be more at ease. We go beyond comfort and style and bring to you a fabric that is health conscious.

Advantages and Features

We use non-solvent and plasticizer-free techniques allowing Sileather™ to have ultra-low VOCs

Sileather™ fabrics are easy to clean, anti-mold, and are tough enough to be used daily for years

Our unique soft hand touch feeling provides for more comfort and relaxation

We are eco-friendly and have passed several environmental standards including RoHS, REACH, and California Prop 65

Sileather™ for healthcare
Sileather™ for healthcare

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