Sistema Masa


One of the dreams of the renowned chef, Pedro Subijana, was to open a hotel on the heights of Mount Igeldo next to his restaurant Akelarre. The project began in 2012, however the chef was forced to temporarily paralyze it because of the economic crisis. Recently we have resumed the works of this project in which we have the pride to participate with our façades, the natural stone and our systems for fixing its facades.

Below we leave some images of the works.
Below we leave some images of the works.

One of the most attractive points of this hotel is its location on Mount Igeldo, a jewel of the Basque nature. That is why mimicry and adaptation to their environment was very important. In order to achieve this, we decided to install natural stone tiles on their facades.


All the slate claddings are Filita Gris of Bernardos with a natural finish, which has presented a challenge for their placement, because the stone with natural finish should be on both sides of the facade. For this we proceeded to the calibration of the back side in different widths to allow the placement of the hidden anchors and to maintain a good planimetry in the faces seen.

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