The first buildings that took the first step in the installation of ventilated facades were public buildings, such as hospitals or cultural centers, or multifamily buildings. However, for some time the demand for houses or villas with vented facades has grown exponentially. Owners are becoming more aware of the importance of having efficient systems and therefore want them in their homes as well.

Ventilated façades in single-family homes not only contribute to energy savings, but also present innovative designs that adapt to the style and particular environment of each home.

Projects of detached houses with ventilated facades
Projects of detached houses with ventilated facades

Below we show examples of projects of houses with ventilated facades carried out by Sistema Masa.

Villa with facade of sintered ceramic

This detached house is in an exclusive neighborhood of Barcelona and its design combines large cladding ceramic façades with rhomboidal and rectangular plates.

The design of this villa with rainscreen facades

combines large ceramic tiles (up to 3600 x 1200mm) in large rhomboid and rectangular plates that form independent sets. Its perimeters are in metal and are combined, in turn, with metal lattices in different positions and separations. The position of these profiles varies strategically to protect the various windows and provide privacy to the interior of the house.


To support the façades, we have chosen the PF-ALT / SOS system and have developed an exclusive system of channels for the distribution and consolidation of the loads from the façade, weight and the wind.

Villa with ventilated facades in porcelain tile

For the design of the ventilated facades of this villa has been optimized and have taken maximum advantage of the spaces.


The particularity of its facades also includes the design of the openings (windows and doors) in multiples or halves, vertical and horizontal the size of the porcelain plates obtaining a total use of the material.

Vila with facade cladding in gray granite

This detached house was designed with a very innovative look due to the difficulty of gray granite cladding with peeled texture.


The facade cladding features three low relief finishes in the form of vertical grooves, separated by 5, 10 and 15 centimeters alternating with different thicknesses of the finish. All this machined in the same position, which gives this project an extreme singularity and complexity.

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