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New collection 2017

Skinwall covers the contract and hotel world

A new vinyl water repellent material composed of 90% PVC and 8% fiberglass, featuring enormous strength, washability and certified flame retardant in Class B-S1 d0. It is ideal for extreme environments were maximum strength and performance are required, such as the hallways of public places, particularly hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, airports and discotheques.

Skinwall for a bathroom that exudes charm and sartoriality

The new Water Repellent Skinwall kit, applicable on both vinyl and nonwoven materials, is ideal for the realization of wallpaper for restaurants, spas, bathrooms and in particular for the inside of showers. The kit contains a monocomponent polyurethane resin and a transparent water-based polyurethane spray.

Skinwall, a coordinated design concept that glamorizes the environment

Skinwall presents a new decorative idea that is truly innovative: the Integrate collection, which allows you to coordinate the colors of the wall and floor covering in PVC produced by Floover, the company that distributes our collections in Spain, the Arab Emirates and Iran. 12 different references of the “Integrate” collection by Skinwall can be presented in a perfectly homogenous manner, in accordance with the highest levels of design and color-matching of the Floover floors in PVC, or decorated, wholly or in part, with any graphic element drawn from the Skinwall catalogue.

Water Repellent Skinwall Kit
Water Repellent Skinwall Kit

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