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Coordinated floor-to-wall concept

Skinwall has come up with twelve creative, customisable solutions to embrace the desire for an all-encompassing living design approach: the Integrate collection is able to meet the needs of a coordinated floor-to-wall concept by shaping a light, airy whole in which colours and shapes are in perfect harmony.

This is a mood able to embellish living spaces and inspire ton-sur-ton or contrasting combinations that transcend time and trends. Skinwall’s unconventional design approach presents a similar scale of colours, starting out from two very different materials and making it possible to expand both the space offered and the style opportunities for floors and walls. In addition, digital print can be used to bring an extra-special touch to the wallpaper, with distinctive graphics taken from any catalogue design, or customised with a view to achieving a particularly unique, original, bespoke decoration solution.

“Skinwall takes an innovative slant this year: the Integrate collection allows for the coordination of PVC floors and walls produced by Floover, the distributor for our collection in Spain, UAE and Iran”, explained Marco Brigi, owner of Skinwall. “We have presented twelve different subjects, all of them perfectly in line, in terms of pattern and colour scale, with the Floover PVC floors; they can be enriched all over or in part with any graphic element, either taken from the Skinwall catalogue or supplied by the customer”.

Design is the key here, with colour, texture and creativity playing a starring role and spinning the fil rouge that connects every room and every taste. Skinwall decorates the world’s most beautiful homes, giving them a unique look: tradition and experience join forces with innovation and a fresh style approach to shape products that are sure not to go unnoticed.

As well as being intriguingly beautiful, Skinwall materials guarantee top quality and outstanding performance, offering versatile decoration solutions based on a combination of practical appeal and eye-catching design.

Grey Oak NT1202
Grey Oak NT1202

Integrate Collection

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