New material and new patterns for Skinwall: trend-inspired wallpaper

Terzomillennium press office for Skinwall

Skinwall offers wallpapers in all styles, for an extraordinary everyday lifestyle experience.

“2018 is set to bring new major developments and emotions for Skinwall, and we are proud to present the innovative Perlato material, a fine-quality fabric with a soft, opalescent texture, as well as a new collection featuring 43 patterns, deliberately named ‘Palingenesi’ and ready to bring unprecedented visual sensations to the settings it’s chosen to embellish. ‘Palingenesi’, conveying a sense of rebirth and renewal, is an important departure point that takes Skinwall patterns in a new direction”, explained Marco Brigi, Skinwall Sales Manager.

A texture with shimmering reflections, able to transform the whole atmosphere of a room: the new Perlato nonwoven fabric, the result of on-going research by Skinwall, is composed of a top-quality material made of cellulose (50%), polyester (30%), mica (20%) and mineral elements. This is not just a beautiful, sophisticated material; it’s also a practical, high-performance option, since it is fire-resistant, washable, resistant to light, heat, humidity and shock, and is compliant with European safety regulations.

2018 is also the year of “Palingenesi”, a brand-new collection that seeks to usher in a profound sense of renewal in the design sector. With its sophisticated style, engaging patterns, macro motifs and original colour combinations, "Palingenesi" captures the observer’s attention and creates a dream-like atmosphere. Especially striking are the patterns dedicated to nature, creating a delightful “indoor garden” effect, with an exotic climate, wild, unexplored forests and a rich, maxi floral texture. There are also numerous, subtle references to eastern culture, with graceful patterns shifting between light and shade, evoking an encounter with age-old cultures that transcends time and distance.

The new 2018 collection is also the result of an important collaboration with three designers/artists with an established reputation on the Italian scene: Fabio Iemmi, Michelangelo Bonfiglioli and Gloria Zanotti. This prestigious partnership has given rise to the Suite Collection, 10 wallpapers that leave scope for the unique creativity that is the hallmark of the Made in Italy concept.

The “Palingenesi” collection also features the winning wallpapers from the 2017 Skinwall competition, aimed at students from the ISIA Institute in Faenza (Ravenna) and the degree courses in Industrial Design of the University of the Republic of San Marino. The aim of this competition, which produced the FUNK, HIDDEN CITY and TIME LAPSE patterns, was to celebrate new talent.

Innovative materials, original design and plenty of customisation options: Skinwall offers wallpapers in all styles, for an extraordinary everyday lifestyle experience.



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