Solarlux SL 70e folding glass door Golfing in style

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This spectacular clubhouse made of glass and white exposed concrete sits on a rocky coastline on Changseon Island, off the southern tip of the Korean peninsula. It is part of the "South Cape Owner''s Club" golf resort which opened back in 2013. With this design, the architects from Mass Studies in Seoul have responded directly to the panorama and topography.

The clubhouse comprises two building sections with ceiling-high glazing which curve outwards like boomerangs. An x-shaped protruding roof joins the two glass structures. The meeting point embraces the characteristics of its immediate surroundings with a golfing swing: To the East it hugs the rocky hills and to the West it reveals the view of the Cape. The deep roof overhang shelters a restaurant, music library and a congress hall from the Southern sun and provides a frame for varied views over the ocean, greenery and hilly woodland.

There are more than a hundred private villas spread across the extensive golf facility. This resort also boasts a hotel with 40 suites and a spa with an outdoor pool, snuggling into the rugged coast below the clubhouse. Folding glass doors were installed both in the spa area and the clubhouse to ensure a true sense of proximity to nature. A system comprising twelve panels boasts an opening width of over ten metres. When the windows are opened, guests can enjoy the view of the ocean and landscape with all their senses, just as if they were outdoors. The height of the glazing is fundamental to this, which, at 3.5 m, seems rather daring given this region''s sometimes harsh climate.

The extremely stable and wind-proof system was designed by the German company Solarlux which, as international market leader, offers the greatest range of folding glass doors. The SL 70e system was chosen for this project. A tracking roller-mounted post gives the heat-insulated aluminium section system its outstanding degree of stability. Hollow chamber sections with insulating bars and foam core ensure an excellent level of thermal insulation acc. to the latest German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). Moreover, the folding glass door SL 70e is "hurricane tested" to the American standard. This means it is verified as being able to withstand wind forces of up to 300 km/h. Given its panel height of up to 3.5 m, the SL 70e is ideal for shop fronts.

Solarlux SL 70e folding glass door Golfing in style

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