Prism sound absorption panel by Soundtect

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Soundtect Prism panels reduce reverberation by offering Class A absorption to increase speech intelligibility in a specific area while reducing background sound noise levels.

Class A acoustic panels manufactured from recycled polyester for use in the sustainable market today.

The panels are easily to install; either wall mounted or used to create floating ceilings that absorb sound and enhance sound quality. Whether you have a noisy restaurant, kitchen or office, Prism panel by

Soundtect offers design options that are unusual and stand out, giving designers a wow factor whilst addressing the reverberation in any application.

Acoustic Design Led Solutions for Everyday Issues with Noise
Acoustic Design Led Solutions for Everyday Issues with Noise

Sustainable, recycleable, highly design led and super efficient acoustic panels by Soundtect. A large range of colours and distributors worldwide making them accessible to anyone.

Prism acoustic panel

Sustainable solutions for any sector suffering from acoustic issues.

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