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StoneLeaf: the refurbishment solution

The StoneLeaf is a modern and innovative material. To upgrade your interiors, you can use StoneLeaf in refurbishment.

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Whether in a shop or a restaurant, counters are an integral part of interior design. It will be the last design element your client will see. That's why it's very important to have a design, pleasent and resistant counter.

Thanks to StoneLeaf, you can cover your actual counter to energize it or create it according to your taste thanks to our range of 26 stones.

You can use classical or Translucent StoneLeaf to create a warm and trendy environnement.

The natural StoneLeaf can be laid on all type of support, even on wood and is very easy to set.

Opt for StoneLeaf solution and give to your counter a new radiance.

Please find below some pictures of different projects and let StoneLeaf comes in your life: a natural, trendy and contemporary solution.

StoneLeaf Translucent Prague
StoneLeaf Translucent Prague

StoneLeaf reference Prague in a restaurant in Bruxelles

StoneLeaf Goa

Bakery counter refurbishment with Goa.

StoneLeaf Londres

Restaurant counter creation with Londres.

StoneLeaf Goa

Holiday resort counter refurbishment with Goa.

StoneLeaf Translucent Moscou

Backlit reception counter covering with Translucent Moscou.

Stoneleaf Translucent Prague

Restaurant counter creation with Translucent Prague.

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